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Who We Are:

The Financial Education Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with the intellectual tools necessary to attain financial freedom.  The firm provides complimentary financial portfolios to individuals.  We also provide comprehensive executive benefit packages for businesses and financial workshops that educate the community.  Members of the organization are held to high ethical standards and aim to create positive change in the community.  


(Fixed and Variable)


Business Succession Planning 

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

(Whole, Term and Universal)

Wills/ Trusts

IRA Rollovers 

Mutual Fund Investments

403 B

Segregated Funds

Traditional and Roth IRAs



Infinite Banking 

Long Term Care

Executive Bonus Plans

Financial Planning in a Changing World

The dream of financial freedom is attainable.  It is only through financial education, planning and the  implementation of a plan that dreams become reality.  Our firm strives to empower individuals with the tools necessary to achieve financial independence because we understand that all dreams must be funded.  Our foremost goal is to help our clients to achieve their dreams.  Financial destinies are determined by the decisions we make today.  Our consultations are complimentary.  We strive to provide financial peace of mind in an ever changing world.


Financial Education Alliance Corporation

875 North Michigan Avenue, 31st Floor

Chicago, Il 60611

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